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 Ninja Saga - Ice Crystal Talent

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PostSubject: Ninja Saga - Ice Crystal Talent   15.03.12 0:01


Info : This is ninja saga ice crystal talent hack
Credit : awanFluFy , Ex-Hax Team and maybe other people out there. I found this hack by myself, maybe some else out there also find this hack and already post it. Im sorry if that happen, just assume me as a leecher if you found this hack out there.

Tools Required
- charles

Note: This hack is not permanent and is just for fun!
So you guyz can check out the new Ice Talent =)

-Open Ninja Saga
-Open charles
-Enable breakpoints
-Select character and click play
-Charles will open
-Click Execute 2 times
-Then switch to edit request tab above and then AMF tab below
-Scroll Down to content -> boolean -> false
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Change false to true
-Now click execute 5 times
-Then switch to edit response tab above and then AMF tab below
-Scroll Down to Bloodline
-Expand bloodline (by clicking +)

-Now expand (7),(8),(9)
Change the values to the values given below

SKILL ID : 1036
LEVEL : 10

SKILL ID : 1037
LEVEL : 10

SKILL ID : 1038
LEVEL : 10

[Now Your Secondary Talent is: Ice Crystal]

-Disable breakpoints in charles & click execute
-Now check your new Talent (all skill upgraded to lv 10)

Enjoy and have fun while cheating =)


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Ninja Saga - Ice Crystal Talent

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