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 CastleVille - Wood, Stone & Coins v2.0 [Trick]

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PostSubject: CastleVille - Wood, Stone & Coins v2.0 [Trick]   15.03.12 6:22

CastleVille - Wood, Stone & Coins v2.0 [Trick]

My focus in this tutorial is: Adding LOTS and LOTS of neighbors
without adding them in facebook, and in a simple and fast method, and
configuring and using the CastleVille bot for automatize your game.

Dont forget to + , and SHARE, if u like it !

My english is bad, u remember, right ? So, forgive me :) And u are free to laugh about my errors

First of all, i'm gonna show you guys how its my kingdom now, i'm
investing hard in the farms, all it with 50% bonus, i'm getting more
than 300k of coins everyday with farms:

Lets go for the tricks, this time the tricks are some easy tricks,
almost all you will know about it, i think, but my focus in this
tutorial will be the BOT to automatize your game, allowing you to play
even with not so time to play.

Like i said:

==> A way to get 99 stones and woods in some minutes:

Visit your friends and dig the stones/ chop the woods in their
kingdom, you will get 5~10 stones/ woods in each neighbor, and u can get
Rubys, Diamonds, 1~5 Reputation Hearts.

In the last SS i couldnt get woods, cause i was already with 99...

==> Using your Reputation Hearts wisely:

If u have energy, and have reputation, and want to get exp, itens
from mobs, and some crystals ( 30% chance to get ) u can buy the mobs
potions with the hearts, u get some exp back when u kill them:

Rat: Takes 3 energy to kill, and gives 1 or 2 energy back.

Wolf: Takes 5 energy to kill, and gives 2 or 3 energy back.

Goblin and thief i cant remember, sorry, and i didnt print a screen, cause i think wasnt needed.

If u have Reputation hearts, and want to get some great bonus of
coins, buy the vault of coins ( I dont know the name of the iten in
english, i couldnt change the language of my game. ) It costs 10
reputation hearts, and gives: 100, 500, 1000, 5000 coins:

==>> Asking your friends for coins ( A great daily bonus of coins )

If u wont ask your friends for other itens, u can ask them for good selling price itens:

Both worth 20 coins each, the first one u can ask for your friends
for it, going in the workshop, and the River/Water u can send to all
your friends, and when they get it, they will send it back to you, i win
more than 50k with those two itens daily. The best: You win, and your
friends win too, cause they can sell the River/Water too.

==>> About the Peacocks.

I heard about the peacocks over the weak so many times, and the
harder and harder was to getting the blue feather, i had developed a
great way to get them, but today Zynga allowed to ask for blue feathers
for friends, after getting reclamations of so many players.

The peacocks takes 7 days to grow from baby to adult, 7 days if u
feed them in the right times, right after it asks for, if u late, it can
take lots and lots of days, then zynga decided to allow to ask for the
blue feathers:


Guys, the tricks from the game was just that, cause i got a lot of
work making the Bot tutorial, coming next, so, in the next tutorial,
i'll bring better tricks, here we go to Bots tutorials:

The CastleVille bot i'll teach you how to use was developed by the people of the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] there u can download it, and other bots for other games.

==>> Getting LOTS and LOTS of neighbors in the castleville
without adding them in facebook, with CastleVille Bot 0.04 version:

Add how many neighbors u want, and its very quickly.

I put all the steps in the images, to be easily to follow.

After adding the neighbors, u should uninstall the 0.04 bot for install the newest ( now the 0.05 ) for daily use:

=>Now how to configure and use the bot for daily use.

U can switch back the version for 0.04 ( uninstalling 0.05 and
installing the 0.04 ) again for add more neighbors later if u want to.

Here u can find all about this new feature for the CastleVille bot: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

And both versions ( 0.08 ) for the bot can be downloaded here:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

© All rights reserved for: Vreaks ( Yves on the facebook )

All images made by me, and all the tutorial too. If u want to share,
and reply the tutorial in another forums, please give me the Credits,
and for GamersUnite, which one the tutorial was made for.

Its over already :(

Guys, sorry me about making a poor tutorial like this, but i had a
hard week at work, and i'm so tired, and now i used 3 hours to make this
tutorial, sorry me about the english again, sorry if i changed the
order of any image, i'm sleeping here already, sorry, really.

I hope you all enjoy, next week i'll be bringing a better tutorial than this, which one was really poor, i think.

And i want to thank you all about the other post, the first one of
the tricks, i'm very happy to see that help very much people, and to
know you all liked it, really.

If you want to thank me, and make more happy for using those hours of
sleeping doing the tutorial for you guys, please SHARE, LIKE, and

Any Questions about the bot, about the tutorial, please just ask, and i'll be pleasure to help you ALL !! :]

Dont forget, next week i'll be here again making another post with new tricks.

I'm sorry if i didnt get any glitch or anything great for you, for
now these was almost all i had, i have some other tricks, but i let it
for the next post, cause the bot tutorial took me a big time to do.

-=========| My Signature |=========-

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.Thank You.

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CastleVille - Wood, Stone & Coins v2.0 [Trick]

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