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 Top 18 Website Performance And Speed Optimization Tools

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PostSubject: Top 18 Website Performance And Speed Optimization Tools   18.03.12 8:59

Top 18 Website Performance And Speed Optimization Tools


Website loading speed has become the
most important part of the website development from last few years. And
to optimize it during the development phase is the primary duty of the
developers. We as a Professional Websign Company.
has listed down the useful Web applications & tools to measure the
web performance. But first there is a need to understand its importance
in the web development.

Why Speed Optimization is Important?

Website loading speed has always
remained important in the website development process. Usually every
user has different connection speed through which it connects. So your
web page should not be composed of heavy elements in order to have fast
loading speed of your web pages.

As Google announce loading speed of the
website as ranking factor, it forces the webmasters that they must have
to give extra importance to loading speed of website.

There are some factors that must be handled carefully in order to increase the website loading speed:

  • Redirects
  • Cookie Sizes
  • Dom Access
  • Use of Images
  • Components size

Consider the best 18 Website Speed and Performance Checking Tools & web applications:

Web Application Tools

1. Pingdom

Pingdom perform test to check the
loading speed of all the objects of a website such as HTML,
Frames/iFrames, Images, RSS, CSS. It gives the graphical view of loading
times of each item which is very easy to understand and check the
individual loading speed of each element. It shows the report of website
loading time, loading time of each element, number of elements and
total number of elements as a summary of test.

2. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is the online website speed
test service which actually combines two different tools YSlow and
Google-Page-Speed. Yslow is the add-on of Firefox and Page-Speed is the
tool of Google. These both tools are used to check the loading speed of a
web page. To select the any one out of them is very difficult to
analyze the web page performance. GTmetix eliminate the confusion about
selection of the tool among them bi mixing both of them.

3. Light Speed Now

Just put the URL of your website and
your email too and get the report of URL’s loading speed in Email. It
also gives the suggestions to increase the loading speed.

4. Load Impact

Loadimpact allows you to check out that
how many users can be handled at a time by your website without
affecting its loading speed. Its free account allows you to check the
loading impact of 50 simulated users.

5. Site Perf

Site Perf is very useful tool to check
the performance of website according the browser used to open the
webpage. It works exactly as the real user opens a webpage in a browser.
It provide a true performance picture to find the elements that you
need to improve loading speed of your website.

6. Web Wait

Use to benchmark your website or test the connection speed. It also provides the toolbar to make the testing process easy.

7. Gomez

Gomez allows you to conduct the real
time performance test for a webpage from an external node location. In
report it displays the DNS lookup time, connection time, first byte,
content download and Redirect Time.

8. OctaGate

It visits the page and download all the
elements to give you a clear picture that how much time is require to
download one or more pages of your website.

9. Webslug

It allows you to compare the speed of
your website with your competitor’s website speed. It can compare the
website page by page.

10. Web Tool Hub

It allows you all the things required
for the basic web page speed test. With WebToolHub you can check the
size of any webpage and also the loading time of that page with
different internet connections.

11. I Web Tool

It is very effective tool which provide
the ratio of webpage size and the loading time of that page it provides
the average time per KB.

12. Rapid Search Metrics

It shows the time taken by the website
to open and also shows the detail of each element attached to the
webpage such as images, CSS, Java scripts.

13. Browser Mob

It allows getting performance data
without running and testing script. It represents the time taken by each
element in form of pie chart which makes it easy to understand the
performance of each element.

Application Tools/ Plug-ins

1. Pylot

For performance and scalability test,
Pylot is an open source tool. It generates the HTTP request, check for
the server response and produce reports with metrics. This process is
called the HTTP load test which makes the capacity planning,
benchmarking, analysis and system tuning easy.

2. Google Page Speed

Page speed is the open source tool for
webpage speed checking. It mostly used by the developers to check the
performance of the webpage and to get suggestion on how to improve them.

3. YSlow

YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated
with the firebug. It gets information about all the elements load on the
page and display the stats in form of pie chart. It also suggests the
ways to improve their performance based on three predefined or used
defined rulesets.

4. Page Test

PageTest is an Internet Explorer plug-in
that show the requests made by the browser visually. It also gives the
suggestions on how to improve the performance of the page.

5. Multi-Mechanize

Multi-Mechanize is an open source
framework for load testing and web performance. To generate load against
a web site, it allows to run simultaneous python scripts.

Please leave your comments about the
post and share the tools, applications or web services which you use
for the speed optimization of your website.

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Top 18 Website Performance And Speed Optimization Tools

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