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 Bubble Speed - Unlimited Coins

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PostSubject: Bubble Speed - Unlimited Coins   05.05.12 16:53

Guide for Cheat :

1. Open Bubble Speed : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[ You have to wait until loading has done ]

2. Open Charles.

3. Play.

4. If you have done 1 round, goto charles.

5. Find "http://www.playkoala.com" >

5,1 "virtualAccountingService/"

5,2 "deposit;gdfb=dWlkPTEwMDAwMDAwNTU3NDcyNSZhdXRoPUFBQU..........."

6. Rightclick "deposit;gdfb=dWlkPTEwMDAwMDAwNTU3NDcyNSZhdXRoPUFBQU..........." and sellect advanced replace.

Iteratios: 2000
Concurrency: 100

7. If repeating has done, exit Charles and reload the game.

8. Look at your Coin´s
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Bubble Speed - Unlimited Coins

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