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 Terra Monsters - Level [PATCHED]

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Private First Class

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PostSubject: Terra Monsters - Level [PATCHED]    15.05.12 15:40

for this hack, you need to have made the Terra dollars and honor points hack first (you will know why in a few moments) which can also be found here..

What you will need:

-Preferred web browser
-Terra Monsters app on facebook-
-Cheat Engine (any version)
-common sense and understanding of the steps that i will give ( ^_^ )


-Load your Terra Monsters app like the usual

-Now open your Cheat Engine app

-Open the process which you prefer (different browsers mean different processes, e.g. Firefox is plugincontainer.exe while Chrome is chrome.exe, etc.)

-Make sure that your scan type is on "Exact Value" and the Value type is "4 bytes".

-Now go back to Terra Monsters and go to the "Store" and then to "Misc".

-Buy at least 5 "Minor XP boosts" and also 5 "6-hour Advanced XP boosts" (remember, if you already have done the Terra dollar and honor points hack, you will not have any problems buying these stuff).

-Now use the 6-hour advanced XP boost once and then go to your Cheat Engine and First Scan "40"..this will show up a number of addresses but don't worry, it's not done yet..

-After this use a Minor XP boost..now go back to cheat engine and then next scan "10"..now you will see that the addresses have dropped in number to about 1-4 addresses..

-Highlight all the addresses and copy all the selected items to the address list or just click the red arrow..

-After that, in the box below, highlight everything and then right click on one address and then change its value to whatever amount you want (Note: the amount you input will be the corresponding percentage of the total experience you will get for each fight). i suggest that you moderate the amount that you will put because if you put too much, the game kind of gets boring if you are already too strong..hehehe..

-After that is done, just fight any random monster in the field or any NPC that will fight you and then wait for each fight to end and then enjoy with the hack.. ^_^ cheers guys!!

if you have any questions or clarifications with the hack, feel free to contact me here...
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PostSubject: Re: Terra Monsters - Level [PATCHED]    15.05.12 19:00

Works like a charm.
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Huraim Laia
Private First Class
Private First Class

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PostSubject: Re: Terra Monsters - Level [PATCHED]    16.05.12 21:02

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PostSubject: Re: Terra Monsters - Level [PATCHED]    

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Terra Monsters - Level [PATCHED]

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