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 [A] Remove Items from Storage

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PostSubject: [A] Remove Items from Storage   31.01.13 5:56

I need some BIG help. I have 3 different Silo's and a Yogurt Creamery in my storage. I don't need the Creamery I have one on my farm. And the Silo's I can't get to place on my farm. I get the Blue square when placing the Silo's but nothing appears so I can place it. And the Creamery can't be sold. So, How do I remove them from storage?

I was trying (back when I started with the codes) to get the Silo's using the e_building_silo_l26 and I think e_building_silo_l6 and now they are stuck in storage and I can't use or get rid of them.

Thanks in advance..
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Private First Class

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PostSubject: Re: [A] Remove Items from Storage   11.02.13 5:57

I know this post is from awhile back but did you ever fix it? If not what you have to do is reverse the cheat, which will delete all your silos (not sure what code you used to do the cheat, shrub or what...)But just change the silo code to a matching length one and wait a minute or so then refresh. They should be gone from your inventory aswell as your farm.

Now go to the store and buy a bunch of the round scrubby shrubs and place where you want the silos, all together close up, then switch these codes


Wait a minute, pick some trees, feed some critters, etc. Then refresh. Do NOT place into inventory as you can't remove from it. When you refresh your silos should be close together stacked up :) As many as you want! :) HTH!
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PostSubject: Re: [A] Remove Items from Storage   28.02.13 1:06

not working
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PostSubject: Re: [A] Remove Items from Storage   

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[A] Remove Items from Storage

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