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 Ameba Pico - Become Dwarf

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PostSubject: Ameba Pico - Become Dwarf   04.02.12 23:39

Ameba Pico - Become Dwarf

Credits : Vreaks


1. Play Ameba Pico : http://pico.ameba.net/

2. The first thing you should do is take the food out from your pocket
and then type /sit on the chat box so you would be like as this picture

[ Screenshot : http://adf.ly/2JQnX ]

3. After u sit down and looks like the picture above, type /stand. but don't press Enter yet

[ Screenshot : http://adf.ly/2JQng ]

4. Click use to eat your food and while you eat, enter /stand that you typed earlier. then your character will become a dwarf

[ Screenshot : http://adf.ly/2JQnq ]

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Ameba Pico - Become Dwarf

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